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This semester marks a new partnership between two organizations centered on student involvement.

BucknellianAs of November 2015, the Bucknell Institute for Public Policy (BIPP) has forged a partnership with the Bucknellian, the student-run school newspaper. Each issue will now include a BIPP segment highlighting major events, trends, and decisions occurring both locally and globally. The purpose is in bringing relevance to emerging policy issues that directly affect students. This collaboration has proved seamless, because of aligning goals. Both organizations hinge on student involvement. BIPP now works in tandem with the Bucknellian to educate and engage the campus community on emerging policy topics and issues. “Student involvement in the Institute is critical; we want to know what policy issues students care about and want to learn more about,” says Professor Wolaver, professor of economics and co-director. This formed relationship gives both organizations a platform for important student dialogue.

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