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Guest Post on Research at the Capital by Louis Tobias ’17

Louis Tobias ’17, presented his research at the state capital in Harrisburg, PA in April. He tied for third place in Arts & Humanities category and describes his experience below.

Third from right, Louis Tobias 17 , with other winners at the 2017 Undergraduate Research at the Capital Event

“My research began last summer with the Bucknell Institute for Public policy. I worked with another student, Maggie Carlson, and Professor Durden, on a project called States of Immigration. The aim of this research was to isolate factors on the state level that created reforms on immigration ┬ámoving both to the left and the right. At the end of the summer I continued to work periodically on this research and in March was given the opportunity to present this research from our state legislators in the Capitol Harrisburg. This was an opportunity that I could not pass up.

The actual presentation process was an incredible insight into our state legislatures and offered the chance to share my findings with policymakers other schools across Pennsylvania. According to the organization there were 102 schools represented in this undergraduate research symposium. During the presentation I had the opportunity of sharing my research with Lewisburg representatives, State Senator Yaw and State Representative Keller. In addition I was able to engage in debate with those less inclined to provide a pathway to citizenship, and to offer advice to professors looking for help with students who needed DACA status for their future. I was also able to gain a personal viewing of our legislative process and sit in on Session while in Harrisburg. To put it bluntly, I was awed by this whole process and the Capitol. Despite the hours put into my research and the presentation I came away feeling that this experience was worth every hour of work. I would strongly encourage students to consider staying the summer and working on research with BIPP. The hands on experience offered me the chance to explore policies that interested my and gain practical knowledge and experience that I could use in my future job and job search.”

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