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BIPP Weekly Roundup

Upcoming Events

BIPP Summer 2018 Student Research Fellows Program

If you are interested in conducting summer research concerning public policy issues with a faculty member, please attend the information session on the following time slot:

Thursday, Feb. 22nd, 11 a.m. – noon

Academic West Event Lounge, 1st Floor

For those interested but unable to make it, please contact Professor Wolaver ( and Professor Massaro ( for more information.

Policy Updates

Sears Lays off 220 Corporate Employees

The layoff resulted from a plan to improve the performance of the company. Simultaneously, the company would provide necessary assistance to qualified employees for their career transition.

After 22 Years, a Synagogue Study Group Finished Reading the Torah from Beginning to End

A conservative Synagogue in Potomac read the Torah slower than usual and its group members treated the book as  educational literature.

Uzbekistan’s Reforming President Sacks his Hated Spymaster

Uzbekistan’s most feared political figure, Inoyatov, was peacefully dismissed by the new reformative president, Mr. Mirziyoyev. Mr. Mirziyoyev criticized the intelligence authority for its oppressive tactics.

Dangerously Low on Water: Cape Town now Faces ” Day Zero”

Even as a city famous for its stringent environmental protection policies, Cape Town would declare Day Zero within less than three months because of the worst three-year drought in the nation’s history. This was seen as a serious symptom of the climate change.

Weekly Opinion

So You Want to Be American: Chain Migration and Family Unification

Chain migration makes it easier for law-abiding immigrants to assimilate more quickly. It is our responsibility to address the massive visa backlog.

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