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BIPP Weekly Roundup

Upcoming Events

Graduate Education: Beyond Law and Medicine

Do you want to learn more about pursuing a MPA at Cornell University? Please join us on Monday, February 12th from 12-1 p.m. in Bertrand Library’s Traditional Reading Room (lunch included) to hear from Bucknell alumnus Thomas O’ Toole ’00, Executive Director of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA).

BIPP Summer 2018 Student Research Fellows Program

If you are interested in conducting summer research concerning public policy issues with a faculty member, please attend the information session on the following time slot:

Thursday, Feb. 22nd, 11 a.m. – noon in the Academic West Event Lounge (1st Floor).

For those interested but unable to make it, please contact Professor Wolaver ( and Professor Massaro ( for more information.

 Policy Updates


Facing Shutdown, Congress Vote on Sweeping Budget Deal

Gridlock between hardline Republicans and Democrats creates fresh tension in the way of a far-reaching budget deal that will avert a current government shutdown. Speaker Paul Ryan signified that House Republicans would not be able to commingle sufficient votes to pass the deal on their own.

Deal to Avoid Government Shutdown by Midnight Hit Snag in Congress

To temporarily relieve the pressure of a government shutdown, the new budget deal allocates $300 billion for the military and $89 billion for disaster relief in Texas and Puerto Rico.  Nancy Pelosi is pushing for the inclusion of aid for DACA immigrants.


Your Questions about the 2018 Olympics, Answered

They have begun in Pyeongchang, South Korea!  Despite tension following last Summer’s aggressive ballistic missile exercises, North Korea is in attendance.

Israeli Police Recommend Indicting Netanyahu For Corruption  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may face indictment on corruption charges.  Netanyahu, who has served since 2009, acknowledges the investigation but denies the claims.

Weekly Opinion

China Follows U.S. on Its Tax Reform Legislation

Following the Trump Administration’s tax cut, China granted tax break for startup companies and high tech enterprises to improve the social welfare and economic condition. China now is more tech savvy than any time.


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