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BIPP Weekly Roundup

Upcoming Events

 Join us for a lecture on Water Infrastructures and Technocratic Futures.

Dr. Andrea Ballesteros, an anthropologist at Rice University, will offer a lecture at Bucknell on water politics in Costa Rica and Brazil. Her research advances debates in anthropology, science and technology studies, and environmental studies related to the issue of environmental futures and water infrastructures.

Gallery Theater (ELC), March 6, 2018, 7:00pm

Domestic News

White House Pours Cold Water on Trump’s Support for Gun Control

President Trump was very interested in raising the legal age of purchasing a gun to 21 years old, following the youth movement after the mass shooting in Florida. But the White House backed away from President Trump by stating that he is for the second amendment.

Schumer Slammed for Citing Skin Color in Vote Against White Judge Nominee

Schumer voted against the nomination of a federal district judge based on the reasoning that it is a backward motion to discourage diversity. And he received criticism from Senator Lindsey Graham saying that a nominee should be selected based on qualifications, not color.

International News

China Xi’s expansive agenda gets boost with move to end term limits

Chinese lawmakers have proposed removing 10-year term limits from the constitution.  This would allow President Xi Jinping to serve indefinitely.  The amendment is expected to be approved on March 5th.

I.O.C. Reinstates a Russia That Is Defiant and Eager to Move On

On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee lifted its suspension on Russia.  Athletes participating as “Olympic Athletes from Russia” received negative results on their most recent drug tests.

BIPP Opinion Piece

How should we prepare our children for the harshest realities of life?

How might our government respond to the Parkland massacre, and what policies are in play?


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