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Weekly Roundup

Policy Updates

Domestic News

Bill Cosby Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

The Cosby case was the first high-profile sexual-assault case after the #MeToo movement.

Trump Slams Comey’s Denial

Trump slammed Comey for sharing classified memos and not understanding the definition of confidentiality concerning national security.

International News

Migrant Caravan Arrives at U.S. Border, but Long Road Awaits

A migrant caravan decried by the Trump Administration finally arrived at the Northern border of Mexico last week, far from its original departure point of the Guatemalan border.  The two buses carried roughly 130 migrants, many of them women and children fleeing gang violence in El Salvador.

How Nicaragua protests snapped Ortega’s power grab

Amidst a week of anti-government demonstrations in Nicaragua, dozens of student protesters have disappeared.  Activists are calling for the removal of President Daniel Ortega, who changed the Nicaraguan Constitution to extend his term to 2021.

Weekly Opinion

BIPP: Piercing the Bucknell Bubble

It is vital for students to keep up with current events in order to confront many of the challenges that they will face after graduation.

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