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Summer 2018 Internship Opportunity in Washington, DC

Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service
June 2 – July 27
Extended Deadline: April 4, 2018
**Scholarship Funding Available**

How are you going to spend your summer?

Join the thousands of volunteers, public servants and community leaders who heard the call to serve in the nation’s capital.

The Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service offers you a chance to put your talents towards affecting change. Spend your summer getting a hands-on learning and leadership experience in Washington, DC. With scholarship funding available, over 80% of IPVS students receive a scholarship award.

You still have the opportunity to be placed in an internship that puts you on the front-lines working to solve the most pressing challenges facing our communities, country and world. Spend your summer strengthening your leadership skills, taking action and making an impact.

With IPVS you can:
• Provide families with educational programs that COMBAT childhood obesity.
• Help to ADVANCE public health by conducting intake interviews.
• Facilitate enrichment opportunities for at-risk youth that ENCOURAGE future successes.
TRANSLATE legal service documents and consultations for low-income immigrants.
• Raise money and awareness for diseases that AFFECT millions.
• Provide DIRECT emergency services to clients at a homeless shelter.
ENGAGE the local community to revitalize urban green spaces.

Engage in debate and discussion on issues in social entrepreneurship, poverty and more with prominent nonprofit executives, and attend exclusive briefings at key Washington institutions including the State Department, Peace Corps, Social Service Organizations, American Red Cross, World Bank, and foreign embassies.

Apply by the April 4 extended deadline and prepare to make a difference this summer. For more information or to start an application, please visit our website at If you have questions about the program or application process, please contact us at or call 202.986.0384.

Sponsored by The Fund for American Studies, IPVS is an academic internship program held in Washington, DC for undergraduate students interested in volunteerism and careers in the nonprofit sector. The Institute combines hands on professional experience for 30 hours a week with a challenging academic experience worth between 3 and 9 credit hours from George Mason University. All students live just steps from the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in furnished apartments at George Washington University.

Choose to spend your summer in service with IPVS!

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“Through my internship I got to do a little bit of everything, and really got to explore what type of work I want to do after graduation. I now have a better idea of what I want to do for the rest of my life. The internship placement was truly such an amazing opportunity.”

Cayla Rabinowitz, Arizona State University
Intern, AVODAH: Jewish Service Corp

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