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Students invited to attend “Policy Boot Camp” at Penn State Harrisburg in April!

PUBLIC POLICY CAMP 2020 | Friday, April 24, 2020
Penn State Harrisburg Campus & Pennsylvania State Capitol

The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) is partnering with Penn State’s School of Public Affairs for the Public Policy Camp 2020. This one-day comprehensive and fully sponsored program aims to increase the pipeline of diverse students into select public policy and public affairs schools, as well as introduce the field of public policy to a group of students who might not otherwise be familiar with it. The event, open to all interested students, is particularly designed to show promising, underrepresented undergraduates that have shown a proclivity towards policy what a career in the policy world might look like.  We focus on a broad constituency of underrepresented groups of students, including, but not limited to: low-income, first generation, and LGBTQ students, in addition to minority students. The format of the day will be a mix of interactive/participatory programming for the students, coupled with a series of information and briefing session for the entire group. The day will end with a tour of the Pennsylvania State Capitol and a reception in the State Capitol’s main rotunda, sponsored by the Keystone Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA). The program also aims to enable student’s networking public servants, scholars, and each other, ensuring that they make connections for the future. 

Organizing Committee (Penn State Harrisburg, School of Public Affairs)

Chair: Alexander Siedschlag, Ph.D., Professor & Head of Political Science/Public Policy

School Director: L. Marvin Overby, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science

APPAM Liaison: Dan Mallinson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Policy

Members: Jane Beckett-Camarata, Ph.D., Associate Teaching Professor of Public Administration, former chief financial officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia; Alison Shuler, B.S., Internship Coordinator and Educational Programs Associate; Juliette Tolay, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science; Triparna Vasavada, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Public Administration


Pam Dunn: Telephone (717) 948-6322, E-Mail

Penn State Harrisburg School of Public Affairs | Political Science & Public Policy Program

777 W. Harrisburg Pike | Olmsted W-159 | Middletown, PA 17057 |



8:30 am:          Registration and Welcome

  • Check-in and breakfast buffet
  • Networking supported by School of Public Affairs student clubs
  • Overview and instructions for the day
  • Mutual introductions

9:00 am:         Breakfast discussion: What Public Policy Is, How to Study It, and How It Affects Different Populations

10:00 am:        Mini Fair on Public Policy Studies and Careers

10:45 am:        Break

11:00 am:         Small Public Policy Simulation (Local Government Simulation), Part I

Moderator:  A member, to be determined, of the City of Harrisburg Major’s Office

Coaches: Players will be concurrently coached by Nolan Ritchie (alumnus of the School of Public Affairs and Assistant Executive Director of Transportation for Sen. John Rafferty’s office) and Mike Passiment (alumnus of the School pf Public Affairs and Judicial Programs Analyst, Administrative Office of PA Courts). The coaches will help the groups reach, substantiate, and defend a final policy choice.

12:00 pm:        Bus to the Pennsylvania State Capitol

1:00 pm:          Session with the State Civil Service Commission: The Importance of Public Service Culture and Talent Next-Generation Acquisitions

1:50 pm:          Break

2:00 pm:         Small Public Policy Simulation (Local Government Simulation), Part II

3:30 pm:          Break

4:00 pm:         Coffee house conversation (following the World Café Method):

(5 pm:             Optional bus transportation back to Penn State Harrisburg Campus and end of program)

5 pm:               Tour of the Pennsylvania State Capitol and chat with Sen. Argall and former Lt. Governor Singel (bi-partisan program)

(6 pm:             Optional bus transportation back to Penn State Harrisburg Campus and end of program)

6 pm:               Networking Reception sponsored by the Keystone Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)

6:45 pm:         Bus transportation back to Penn State Harrisburg Campus and end of program

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